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Please don’t hesitate to contact The Event Company Dubai. We are always open to discussing events and assist with any queries you might have. It is our goal to create memorable events for our clients and their guests.

We work with a diverse range of clients and are happy to discuss how we can create dynamic and unique events  for your next celebration,

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Why hire an Event Manager?

Managing an event is no easy task and often having a professional Event Planner to drive the production of your event will save you considerable time, stress and money overall.  Investing in an event manager also provides valuable expertise, experience and creativity resulting in an unique event concept and a stress-free implementation.

What makes a corporate event successful?

In a nutshell – great goalsetting, disciplined event planning and meticulous execution!  The task list for a corporate event seems significant but applying a project management approach, using industry insight and feedback from previous events and good communication with all stakeholders at each stage of the event will result in a win for all involved.

How do I keep my audience engaged in our Conference programme?

Keeping all conference attendees consistently engaged can be challenging however with thorough event planning and audience insights, it can be achieved! Learnings from previous events and pre-event audience interaction along with a relevant conference theme and clear communications throughout will spur on lasting engagement.

Is Hybrid and Virtual Entertainment better that in-person?

There is no substitute for in person events however hybrid and virtual events are the next best thing, where safety and cost are a consideration.  Virtual and hybrid events offer an appealing entertainment alternative and are cost and ecologically effective. Talk to our experts at the Event Company Dubai who will advise on the best format for you.

What Type of Luxury Concierge Service would suit me?

Concierge services apply to corporate or HNW individuals who need to use their time more efficiently. At the Event Company Dubai, we don’t expect our clients to sign up to any memberships on a fee basis, our clients simply contact us, as and when they need our services.  With such a broad range of solutions, we can deliver on brief immediately.

What is the difference between event production and event management?

Often mistaken as the same thing, event production is very different to event management. Event management takes the clients vision and breaks it down into a working plan whereas event production takes the plan and builds it into an exceptional reality. Our success is a result of great event management and event production collaboration!

Why do I need a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

Destination Management Companies (DMCs) provide superior local experiences. They facilitate ‘on the ground’ event and travel services and help surmount language and cultural differences. Their native commercial insight facilitates preferential rates with local suppliers and their compliance expertise, makes for a comfortable and convenient visit.

What’s the difference between a Hybrid event and a virtual event?

At a hybrid event, local guests can attend in-person while also being broadcast to guests online, a virtual event is only online. There’s been a recent move to hybrid events as it offers the best of both live events and online events however it does have similar cost implications to in-person.  The Event Company Dubai can help identify which event type is right for you.

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