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How To Choose a Theme for your Event – Top Event Tips and Ideas.

So you’ve decided on an event…now what!  It could be for a thousand work colleagues or fifty friends making your event stand out can be a lot of work.  It’s all in the (event) planning! 

Theming an event is one of the most effective ways to create lasting impact. Event themes provide structure to the planning and can be a great way for guests to interactively participate.  A theme also assists with promoting the event as attendees discuss how they’ll interpret the theme. Once a theme is established for your event, many event elements become easier like the type of entertainment, the dress code, speaker topics, or the venue itself.

You cannot just choose a theme randomly however, (no matter how much of a “Gatsby” fan you are) as many factors will influence your theme just as much as your theme dictates the event style.  There are several considerations that can help determine your event theme.

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Things To Consider


What’s the purpose of your event?

Asking your CEO to wear a grass skirt and lei while presenting to shareholders will not be popular so consideration must be given to the nature of the event, the objectives, guest profile and overall tone.  It’s fine to have a party theme for a social event however assigning the wrong styling to a business event can have organisational reputation implications.


Who will be attending your event?

Event themes contribute to your event story and message your audience receives.  How do you want to communicate with them, what is your message and does the event theme convey it?  Does the theme reflect your brand and it’s values or does it simply need to say “let’s have some fun, friends!”  Think about who might be there and what you want them to leave with.


Location, Location, Location!  Venue is Key!

This can be a chicken and egg situation! An event venue can hugely impact what is possible to produce equally the theme of the event can dictate the location!  A small enclosed hotel room would not suit a circus themed event where high ceilings and space is required!  Sometimes although the venue is perfect for your general event needs, certain aspects of your theme may not be permissible by management.  Weather can play a huge part in deciding a theme, especially if it’s unreliable and your theme demands to be outdoors.  Check all this in advance to avoid disappointment.


It’s all about the MONEY!

Event theming can mean limitless possibilities, imagination and creativity however the more imagination, the higher the event budget.  Sometimes the best event creativity is financial and making the budget work and still delivering an exceptional themed event can be both challenging and satisfying all at once.


It’s all in the delivery!

​Once a short list of themes are chosen, the nuances of event planning come into play – room décor, aligning the catering and entertainment with the theme, event creative – how will you design your event communications, organising fun themed activities to complement the entertainment programme, managing the financials and project management – and it needs to be resourced to be executed successfully!

Themes that are currently trending are:

  • Speak Easy & 1920s Great Gatsby   
  • Winter Wonderland & Holiday Themes 
  • Fabulous Las Vegas & High Roller Themes
  • 70s, 80s, 90s Parties & Dance through the Decades
  • Murder Mystery & Interactive Dinner Parties
  • Summer BBQs & Beach Party Theme
  • Hollywood Glamour Nights & Company Oscars Theme
  • Carnival Extravaganza & Big Top Circus Theme
  • Giant Gameday & Office Olympics Theme
  • Round the World Theme & Cultural Themes
  • Digital Reality and Cyber themes

Theme Events in Dubai and the UAE

Dubai is the home of ingenuity, cultural diversity and exceptional events in the Middle East, and this has led to an explosion of imagination in theme events.  Events are increasingly opulent in their delivery meeting the highest international event standards.  At The Event Company Dubai, we constantly seek inspiration in pop culture, traditions, and technology to inspire our theme designs and apply our diligent project management to implement unforgettable theme events.

Let us conjure your Theme and spellbind your audience! 

With a team of highly creative event stylists and access to film grade set design, production, and technology, we can deliver feats of theme event magic.

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