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The Top 20 Event Themes in Dubai – Right Now! – Part 4

In the final part of our series on the top twenty event themes hugely popular in the UAE, we’re looking at the things we have in common as a society, which bonds us together.

We’ve looked at a myriad of make believe themes in our last three instalments here but in our final week, we’re bringing everything closer to home with themes around common place experiences.

We’ve covered how theming events can deliver much better ROI here, as you better engage your guests but this is even possible with routine activities and interests.  Whether it’s everyday events or mind blowing productions, our news section here will keep you informed of everything you need, events wise.

Lifestyle Event Themes 

Ingenious events with limitless imagination are all well and good but when you’re playing it safe, maybe you’re not familiar with your guests or you have a diverse guest base, the best options are sometimes the simple event themes we can all relate to. Finding a universal interest or common ground for your guests can also be the perfect ice breaker and generate more interaction. Here’s what’s in style in the UAE at the moment for lifestyle themed events.

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Things To Consider


LED Cocktail Lounge

R&R for employees is becoming increasingly important for socially responsible organisations and what better way to relax with colleagues or clients than in a chilled and funky LED cocktail lounge. Cool sounds from a select artist, low slung décor and mood lighting sets the tone for an eclectic but laid back atmosphere. Adding in a cocktail making masterclass activity instantly turns this event into a fun team building event.


Travel and Multicultural Events

In a city as diverse as Dubai with many cultures and nationalities mixing daily, a productive way to get staff or clients to engage is to create a travel or multicultural event where they are represented.  An ”80 Days Around The World” theme is a superb way to excite and educate colleagues and promote full team inclusion. Adding in Nation Builder team building activity ensures you get a double benefit in your multicultural event.


Sports and Gaming Themed Events

With the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2022 a hot topic in the UAE, it’s hard to consider celebrating other sporting events however theming an event around the multitude of existing sports can greatly appeal to your guests. Popularity of Gaming and eSport themed events is on the rise and if you have a soccer fan base in your organisation, the World Cup 2022, Qatar, offers the ideal theme to stage events that serve various purposes.


Food and Culinary Themes

Food is a universal language!  We all need it and love it and some of us enjoying making it or watching others do so. Another great way to celebrate and represent diversity in the workplace is to host a culinary themed event that showcases food of the world with demonstrations and tastings.  Just like the cocktail making masterclass, adding in a competitive element to a food themed event transforms it into team building!


TV and Game Show Themed Events

TV is always a popular theme but now we watch reality TV shows of people watching TV shows!  You can create any TV show themed event to include characters, celebrity appearances, set replicas and episodes however one of the most popular themes is Game Show. An amazing way to amplify the standard office quiz night is to associate it with a well-loved Gameshow complete with cheesy host, buzzers and cuddly toy!

Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to meet event objectives, gain experience insights and exceed ROI on your event is to keep it as simple as possible with a universal theme. At, our event strategists refine events to ensure that all elements over deliver on event goals with clear planning and message cut through.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of the 20 most popular event theme in the UAE and taken some inspiration from each instalment however if you have an idea and it’s not on the list,  contact our team of event experts! They love a challenge and are eager to turn your event into a themed spectacular!

Theme Events in Dubai and the UAE

Dubai is the home of ingenuity, cultural diversity and exceptional events in the Middle East, and this has led to an explosion of imagination in theme events.  Events are increasingly opulent in their delivery meeting the highest international event standards.  At The Event Company Dubai, we constantly seek inspiration in pop culture, traditions, and technology to inspire our theme designs and apply our diligent project management to implement unforgettable theme events.

Let us conjure your Theme and spellbind your audience! 

With a team of highly creative event stylists and access to film grade set design, production, and technology, we can deliver feats of theme event magic.

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