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The Top 20 Event Themes in Dubai – Right Now!  Part 1

Welcome to our series on the top twenty event themes in the UAE and particularly in Dubai right now.

As experts in event theming and production, we’re delighted to share what we know will wow your guests and a provide the right approach for your event!  If you’d like a refresher as to why a great theme can provide a vital “hook” for your event and all the dos and don’ts, check out our post on why you need an event theme here!

Over the course of 4 parts we’ll outline the event theme trends setting events apart in the UAE so check back here regularly for more amazing event ideas and themes.

Glamourous Event Themes

This week it’s all about the glitz and glamour, those event themes that give you a taste of how the other half live or transport you back in time to a more refined era. Reimagining flamboyant lifestyles and old world decadence with the perfect event styling will astound your guests and give them a memorable experience – perfect if you need that event recall! 

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Some of Our Glamourous Event Themes


Bond…James Bond

With new movies regularly in production and who will play the main man next, always a topic of conversation, the James Bond 007 event theme never goes out of style. Combining sophisticated venue décor with immersive premium entertainment, you can create a “top secret” millionaires playground  for budding spies and villains (read guests) alike!


Fabulous Las Vegas

Interactive gaming entertainment and simulating the bright lights that depict one the most extravagant cities in the world, will ensure that your Las Vegas themed event will be a winner with your guests. Bringing elements of the stunning hotels that Vegas is famous for into your event décor and creating a superstar show atmosphere with amazing acts and artists will earn you a reputation as the highest roller at the event! 


Gatsby – 1920s

The roaring 20’s with all its decadent fashion and frivolity is an iconic decade in history that is also a much loved event theme. Hinging your theme on the characters and indulgent parties made famous by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel will give all your guests a familiar premise to lose themselves to. Acts reminiscent of the jazz age with art deco venue styling and interactive theatre entertainment will create the ambiance of the “modern decade”.


Hollywood Icons and The Oscars

Red carpet, paparazzi photographers and a black tie dress code will make your guests feel like movie stars at an Oscars themed event. With props and room décor that ooze luxury and the iconic Hollywood sign in situ, a humorous mock award ceremony will be the icing on the cake…that maybe Marylin Monroe will pop out of! This is a fantastic theme for an employee recognition event making your team feel extra special!


Historic and Period Dramas

The popularity of period dramas such as Downton Abbey and Bridgerton has seen an increase in the production of historical event themes. Recreating the splendour of a Regency period event with opulent drapes, string quartet and spectacular stately surrounds or hosting a Victorian murder mystery dinner party complete with Holmes and Watson character actors will deliver a killer event always!

Great for entertaining clients or rewarding staff, glamorous events really show appreciation when you pull out all the stops with a luxurious and lavish theme. At TheEventCompanyDubai.com, our expert event stylists and producers are on hand to help you select the best glamourous event theme ensuring it’s memorable for all that attend!

Join us next week when we’ll be looking at Seasonal Events and how best to mark holiday occasions in a meaningful way for your staff, clients and consumers, delivering tangible ROI for your organisation.

Theme Events in Dubai and the UAE

Dubai is the home of ingenuity, cultural diversity and exceptional events in the Middle East, and this has led to an explosion of imagination in theme events.  Events are increasingly opulent in their delivery meeting the highest international event standards.  At The Event Company Dubai, we constantly seek inspiration in pop culture, traditions, and technology to inspire our theme designs and apply our diligent project management to implement unforgettable theme events.

Let us conjure your Theme and spellbind your audience! 

With a team of highly creative event stylists and access to film grade set design, production, and technology, we can deliver feats of theme event magic.

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