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The Top 20 Event Themes in Dubai – Right Now! – Part 3

Continuing on with our series on the top twenty event themes currently trending in the UAE, we’ve covered glamourous event themes and seasonal themes, which you’ll find here.

This week, it’s the turn of fantasy themes, the type of events and productions that really create a WOW factor for your guests. Theming your event can make it so much more engaging for guests and better meet objectives so check out why we think you should consider a theme for your next event here.

Our news section here will also give you updates on event production from our professional event managers, stylists  and directors.

Fantasy Event Themes

Once upon a time, a client picked a fantasy theme for their event and their guests all lived happily ever after! Now that is a fairy tale ending but hosting an event with an out of this world theme will have your guests talking about it forever.

Imaginative event themes are limitless and creativity can really make your event unique plus give your guests an unforgettable experience.    Here’s what’s trending in the UAE at the moment.

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Some of Our Fantasy Event Themes


Futuristic Event Themes

The future is coming at us fast with technological advancement and TheEventCompanyDubai.com is capitalising on this to bring innovative experiences to clients’ events. Virtual and Artificial Reality or VR and AR can offer whole new dimensions to themed events and experiences. Space travel and imagining the future are great themes to mesmerise guests and often can be quite easily done with clever and astute event production.


Masquerade Balls

Adding mystery and intrigue to your event, masquerade balls and gala events are the oldest of event themes and hugely popular to this day.  Opulent room décor and luxurious draping resplendent of medieval Venice and fascinating side acts like acrobats and contortionists adds to the decadence of the theme. Compelling theatrics that exude class and elaborate props will create a self-indulgent ambiance for all your guests.


Fairy Tale and Literary Event Themes

Interacting with the characters of a favourite novel or fairy tale in a venue transformed into worlds beyond the imagination make stories and living book themed events extremely fashionable.  Perfect for family events but also for letting adults be kids again, these themes, inspired by classics such as Alice in Wonderland and more modern publications like Game of Thrones allow for creativity with a familiar focus.


Arabian Nights

Being situated in the desert, Arabian Night theme events in Dubai are the perfect deference to the local culture and traditions of the UAE. Centred around delicious local cuisine and exuberant entertainment, astounding event environments can be created in giant Bedouin tents with dramatic draping hosting any number of guests. From mobile shisha cafes to belly dancing classes, this is a dynamic event theme for all.


The Greatest Show and Circus Themes

Whether it’s a big top affair or the greatest sideshow on earth, circus themed events evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Adding in carnival games and fun foods to spectacular sets and death defying performers will make your guests feel like they’re on a particular famous movie set!  Great for employee family events but also for impressing clients, this is a versatile theme for plunging guests completely into your event.

Fantasy events allow your guests to escape real life for a short but unforgettable time and demonstrates the creativity and bravery of your organisation in staging an epic and out of this world event. At TheEventCompanyDubai.com, our creative events team are proficient in conceptualising the most inventive and artistic fantasy theme events and are waiting to develop your idea.  The only limit is your imagination!

In our next and final edition we’ll come back to earth and look at events that reflect our lifestyles, interests and passions. The type of themes that peak our interest over and over and never get old.  We’ll see you soon for Lifestyle Themed Events!

Theme Events in Dubai and the UAE

Dubai is the home of ingenuity, cultural diversity and exceptional events in the Middle East, and this has led to an explosion of imagination in theme events.  Events are increasingly opulent in their delivery meeting the highest international event standards.  At The Event Company Dubai, we constantly seek inspiration in pop culture, traditions, and technology to inspire our theme designs and apply our diligent project management to implement unforgettable theme events.

Let us conjure your Theme and spellbind your audience! 

With a team of highly creative event stylists and access to film grade set design, production, and technology, we can deliver feats of theme event magic.

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